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When there is teamwork
and collaboration, wonderful
things can be achieved.

- Mattie Stepanek

Product Placement

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On-Site Events
Through a stellar network of retail suppliers, we set up shop in high traffic locations and connect with customers with enticing on-site promotions. Customer awareness of the product is raised by skillfully explaining its features and benefits.
Face to Face Marketing
The trained experts at Lake Shore Marketing sell the dynamic new features and real benefits of each product in an engaging, approachable way. As one of the most successful companies at this type of work, we inject freshness and excitement into all the products we represent.
Campaign Events
Consumers experience professional, quality representation of a product or service through well run campaign events where first class customer service is prominently displayed.


Lake Shore Marketing is dedicated to realizing human potential and making it work positively for our team members, customers and clients. By generating win-win solutions, Lake Shore Marketing creates situations where the client, company and customers benefit. What separates us from our competition is that we establish a unique alignment of interests with all of our stakeholders that transform into campaigns with real world value for the customer.

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